Choosing A Gift Basket

Things to think about when choosing a gift basket

The number of companies offering gift baskets has never been greater. There’s good reason for that. Sending a gift basket is easy. You just place the order and it’s on its way. But do you ever wonder exactly what the recipient is getting?

Who is actually packing and sending the basket?

Did you know that most companies that offer gift baskets don’t actually pack and ship them? The vast majority farm the work out to third party outfits, which means you can’t always count on the quality of the products in the basket nor the care with which they are packed. Before you place your order, it’s always a good idea to ask who is packing and shipping your gift basket.

Does the company have significant gift basket experience?

Anyone can say they specialize in gift baskets, but there’s more to packing and sending baskets than meets the eye. Experienced gift basket companies know how to pack and ship a gift basket so it withstands the rigors of delivery, including factoring in the time of year the basket is shipped. Some companies simply place items in a basket, place it in a shipping carton and hope for the best. That means that what the recipient receives may not look anything like what it did when it left the shipping department.

How fresh are the perishables?

If the gift basket contains food items, how can you be sure they are fresh? Some companies don’t ship baskets often enough to ensure the food items are fresh. Some may be close to their expiration date. Reputable companies that truly specialize in sending gift baskets always ship the freshest fruit and food items because they don’t sell anything else. For over 116 years, Ruma’s has hand selected and hand packed gourmet fruit and gift baskets one at a time. Our family business specializes in one thing — delighting recipients with delicious, memorable gift baskets for life’s special occasions.

The power of an unexpected “thank you”

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There are many reasons why gift baskets are enormously popular as “thank you” gifts for clients. But more and more business owners have discovered that sending a gift basket to a stand out employee or work team yields benefits long after the goodies have been shared.


It’s no secret that motivating and retaining employees is a challenge. One way to create a positive environment is to show your team that you notice and acknowledge their efforts every day — not just when they're up for reviews.


Our customers often tell us that sending a gift basket to celebrate a team’s work while the team is still working on a project — not waiting until the project is over — is a really good idea. Why? Because the team is still a team. Taking a few minutes off to celebrate together and share a basket of goodies as a still functioning team is far better than sending the gift after the project is over and the team has disbanded. It also makes the team feel appreciated at a crucial moment in their project — just before the final push to deliver results.

Pleasantly Surprising

Then there’s the element of surprise. While sending a gift when the project is complete is the traditional way to acknowledge everyone’s contributions, the timing is predictable. Conversely, sending a gift at an unexpected time shows that you’re paying attention to the team’s progress and appreciate the hard work they are putting in right when they need encouragement most.